Got7 Help page

Needed to Vote for Seoul Music Awards

1.     You can download it from here : 




2. Once done, open it and register by filling out your email adress and password 

3. After you register, go to your mail (the one that you used in signing up) to confirm your registration. You do this by 
clicking  the button shown in the message.

4. After doing this, go back to Fandom School app and  log in. 

5. When you log in for the first time you will be asked whos your favourite group and whos your bias , this can be changed again at a later point , but if you pick Got7 here it will go to the top of your voting page to make it easier

6. This is how the main page looks , at the bottom you find Ranking , where the Voting is and My Page where you can check and buy/earn Chocos

7. After that, you're finally in!!! Click the "Rankings" then click the "27th Seoul Music Awards"

8. You can vote up to ten times per day , if there are chocos to vote with . When you click the vote button you will get  the question 

- My chocos

- Fandom Chocos

For my chocos you need to buy or earn them

Fandom Chocos are donated , and a lot of the time there are none in there

So lets learn how to earn some

9. Back to main page and go to My Page

10. It looks like this 

11. Go to my items and you find your chocos

At the top you see how many chocos you have and if there are Fandom chocos left which can be used

12. Further down you see a turquoise box  click on charge to earn new    chocos . This is not available for iOS in the moment.

13. I always use charge 2 , but thats up to you

14. A new window will open . 

From here you can download apps , watch trailers and other things to earn chocos .

Most work when you try to download them , some don't . 

If you download some always make a note from what you need to do to earn the chocos . 

Some games are there more than once . If you still have time , always go for the harder goal first , because you can not do one followed by the other , you need to uninstall and restart at the beginning .

ty to meiz for providing some of the tutorial