Got7 Help page

Tapjoy is an app which is being used as a sub app in many korean award voting apps and in many other gmaes.

Here you can earn extra credits , points or other things , it depents on the app you use it with .

For us interesting is :

  • Baeksang Art Award ( 2016 , points you need for voting)
  • Golden Disk Award ( 2016 , points you need for voting)
  • Kpop Star app - Goan award ( 2017 ,hearts ,  sadly this does not seem to add itself to the app list)
  • Idol Champion ( you can donate your stars for a project in the name of your stars, for example animal charities )
  • Asien Artist Award

To get the app you can download it from the appstore 

1. Open it and register with an email or log in using Facebook

2. You will receive a verification Email

3. Go to your mailbox and click the link in the email

4. Go back to the app , you should be logged in now. All games which           work with this app will have added themself to the list.

5. In this you will find more/ different offers to the once in the               voting app you are using it for , so have a look around
    Click on the game/app you are currently working at  .
     on the next page you have the option beteen Earn Rewards and            Track Rewards
  • Earn Rewards has new offers in it
  • Track Rewards shows everything you are working at , the goals , if you already reached the goal , and a contact when you have problems . I find this VERY VERY handy

6. This is how it looks in Track rewards

 !! Some person tips !!
Seeing that tapjoy is being used by so many apps now , try to do enough for what you need but dont overdo it , otherwise you will run into the problem that you have far too many points in one game , but have no good offers left for the next app.

If you do one of those sweepstake offers , they are purely there to collect your information and will bombard you with advertising mails after , so best make an extra email account for this which you can just delete or ignore