Got7 Help page

Peeper is an app which in this case works together with Billboard

GOT7 is one of the candidates for 'The most expected hallyu KPOP Idol in 2017' voting poll by PeeperXBillboardKorea

Its results will be handed over to BillboardKorea and BillboardUS as an indicator for latest KPOP trend and popularity

Please use "KitTyrie" as your recommender. (I'll get additional 100 feeds to vote and garanty to spend it on Got7). 

Or any account you know as recommender, just make sure he/she will only vote for GOT7. 


- daily log in bonus of 20 free feeds

You can download the app straight from your app store

Look for

If you cant find it in your itune store , search for peeper iOS app , it will give you a link , which takes you directly back into your itunes store

1. after downloading and installing , you need to sign up for it . You          need a phone number to do this .

2. First it asks you for your Name and Surname 

3. Now you have to add your phone number , click on the area code to       find your country ,than add your phone number .

4. You will receive a SMS with a five digit code in it , you need to add       this here

5. After your phone number is varified you have to add your nickname ,     an email adress and a password , and your all set to start


6. When you open the app for the first time you will be asked which of     the kpop groups you would like to follow , they are all ticked , so           remove the ticks from the groups you do not want to follow.

    They will then show on your first page.

If you click on there , you get to the feed page . Make sure that the group name has the tick next to it , so you know its the official side , just like in twitter or IG

7. This is how it looks , you can break the egg but i dont think it really     does do anything good , More important is the hand symbol in the         bottom right corner , thats where you click to feed the group


If you tap the throphy you can see who has given the most feeds.

8. Quick explaination of the feeding

9. it seems the only way to earn feeds is , by collecting your daily log in     bonus , inviting friends and being used as a recommender

10. If someone uses you as a recommender , you will receive an email.

     If someone adds you as a friend , you again will receive a notice (          check the bell symbol top right on the home screen.

You can accept or decline the friends request

Think that is all for now . 

In the moment it seems the page is running a little slow and has a lot of error messeges , maybe they did not expect this kind of traffic when kpop fandom comes

Also some groups are posting that you should not vote , till there is a picture posted on the Got7 page . But that will only stay up for a limited amount of time. So if this is the case , make sure you dont miss it.