Got7 Help page

this is a very quick tutorial 

check below for part two of the voting

1. Go to there homepage

2. You can change the language to English ( Use the dropdown menu           next to KO ) when you like

3. Log in using Naver or Facebook ( if you have more than one account       you can vote with each one )

4. Click on Vote

5. Put Got7 on the search line or scroll down

6. Click the heart so they are added to your favourite

7. Click Vote

All done , Please come back daily

Part one of the voting has ended , now we are into part two 

for this you have to download an app

IOs , only available from the korean itune store


for the rest , its kind of straight forward , sign up needs to be done with a phone number , if you do not receive the sms , contact costumer support with the requirt information