Got7 Help page

Voting for MCountdown and others polls . This is also the place to get signed album from artists who did a meet and greet show.

But the important vote here is for MCountdown . So during promotion , please vote daily.

voting is Every Friday 2PM ~ Monday 9AM (KST)

 You can vote once per day . Votes get reset at midnight KST and you can have up to 10 accounts here.

Sign up

1. Go to mnet homepage

2. If your page is not in english , you can change to it than click on Sign     Up

3. If Sign Up doesnt show , click on Log in , tha

en on Sign up on this           page

4. You can sign up a normal email account , Facebook , Twitter or               KakaoTalk . For the last three it will always use the account you are     logged in at that point on your device

5. After choosing what you like to use , you come to this page .

6. Click the tick at the top right which will then tick all others

    push Next step

7. Fill out the next page . Countrys for phonenumbers are sorted by        area code

   when you filled everything out click on Next step

8. tick the top box ( 1.) which will enabke you to take out all the ticks       for sms and emails ( 2.)

    Next step

9. If you signed up with twitter , Facebook or KakaoTalk you are done       here and can log in

    If you you signed up with an email adress , you have to push : Send       email . Then go to your email Inbox and click the confirmation link in     the email you recieved.

10. You can now log In and Vote

     this is what there all is on there main page :

  • Under M Coutdown you will find the prevoting for the running week
  • Under polls are other votes . one star poll and one video poll
have a look around the side , there are also videos from shows , which you can watch and like .