Got7 Help page

This app is used to vote for


You can search for the app directly in your app store and it should come up 

Look for

Kpop Star                                     Kpop Actor

Please use "jinyoungie" as your recommender. (I'll get additional 1000 hearts to vote and garanty to spend it on Got7). 

Or any account you know as recommender, just make sure he/she will only vote for GOT7.

There is a second app called Korean Actor - KDrama , you can

vote for Jinyoung there . It works exactly the same , I dont

know if "jinyoungie" has it yet , if not you can use me as the

recommender . KitTyrie .

- one account one device app

- all hearts voted will be reset at 11:30 PM KST every day

- Voting restarts at midnight

- use ALL your DAILY HEARTS for GOT7 every day

1. Sign up using Line or Kakao or email

2. Vote in the Group section

 3. You can give all your hearts to GOT7 or to Idols.

4. When you have a look around the app you can start with your Menu. Here you find everything important you need

5. Let us start on the main screen . Here you can choose between 
  • Individual Rank : 
  • Groups Rank
  • My Idol
  • Hall of Fame

6. I feel the first two and the last are self explaining , so we have a         look at the page for My Idol .
    This is where your idol choice is posted and you can also add your         favourite . This way you will always know what rank they are right         now and can easyly vote for them 

Its divided between your favourite Individual and your favourite Group.

    To add more groups or idols to this page , go to My Idol Settings in     the Menu . Add who you are looking for in the search bar and then       just click the star at the end of the line

7. If you gift hearts its better to go to the grouppage ( click on the        name and you will be taken there ) you would like to gift them to and    give them to one of the posts there.

   Because that way , the poster of the image and the giver will earn        extra hearts which they then can give towards the group as well . So    make sure you give to people you know .
   For this to work you need to  give at least 100 hearts , then you     receive 10% back .
   When you gift you always get the option of the amount you want to      gift.

7b. You can also post your own image or videolink

You can do either of this options twice a day and will recieve 50 hearts. For the video , you will only receive the hearts if this link has not been posted yet.

Not totally on topic , but while your already on your groups page , here a very fast way to earn a few extra hearts . 

Click on a picture , then click on the Questionmark at the top . 

You will be rewarded a random amount of hearts
You can do this about 5 times in a row . You will recieve a random amount of hearts.

7c. You also receive extra hearts when you log in at Hot Time , this           starts at 8pm KST

8. Personal Settings
  • Your favourites
  • Friendlist
  • My Hearts

9. Your favourite brings you back to your page with the idols and             groups you picked as your favourite

   Friendslist : Here you find your friends and also friendrequests         which you have to accept. Also you can give your friends free          hearts here. To do that , please click on the heart behind your           friends name.

   My Hearts : is the list of how many hearts you own , how you               earned them and how you used them

Also on this page you find at the bottom :

10 . We have :
  • See a video
  • Invite Friends
  • Heart Refill Station
See a video: You have to watch a short video add to the end and you will recieve 5 Daily and 5 Ever points per videos . Looks ike you can watch 15 videos per hour

Invite a friend :  here you find different options to invite friends , for example : email , twitter

Heart Refill Staion: Has two taps , the Hearts Shop where you can buy hearts with real money and the Free Heart refill , with options to earn free hearts

11. Free heart refill

Pick and offer you like and fullfill the requirements. 
TIP from me : if you download many apps , make yourself a list of what needs doing so you cant forget

If you did not receive your award , go to missing hearts and complain. You have to choose an offer there and then fill out the form . If your offer is not in there , wait a day or two and check again.
Sadly for me this app has not added itself to the Tapjoy app . but maybe your more lucky. For more details check the Tapjoy app here.
When you complained you will receive an email with the requirements they want to have as prove.

 TIPS : 
  • It takes up to 24 hours to receive the award
  • Downloaded games need to played at least for 2 minutes , even if it tell you just open the app
  • do not uninstall the game till you received the reward
  • When you play online games , take screenshots of you reaching the goal as proof

Recap of how to earn hearts

thank you to pepipeachnyoung and choo for helping with the tut and providing some of the images .