Got7 Help page

This app main function is to vote for Show Champion , the music show . So its very important during promotion time to vote for your favourite group here every day .

The vote count resets itself at midnight KST.

You have three votes per day , and the result counts 20% for the show result.

There are also many other polls going at the same time , so you need to check back ever so often to see if there are any new once which include got7 or members of Got7

Only one account can be used per device.

1. You can download them here

  • Android
  • iOs please put 아이돌챔프! IDOL CHAMP in your seach bar of your appstore
    As with all apps downloaded from the apk website it is possible that     you get a warning from your device that it is a risk to download this     app

2. After downloading and installing it, open it and click here

3. On this page scroll down on the  page and push here

3. You can log in using either Facebook , Twitter or Kakaotalk .

    You can also make a new account on the MBC plus side , but i dont         think we need to get into that .

4. After you made an account and logged in , go here

  This is where all the polls  are , even the main polls can be found on       the front page as well

5. Look for this one

   When the voting symbol is pink it means you can vote , if it green you    normally cant  . But sometimes its worse checking up because the app    doesnt always update .

6. Find for who you want to vote for 

  You can vote three times per day in this poll , other polls only have       one vote.

Collecting hearts and stars

Idol Champion has something new. As you might have noticed , once a day when you open the app you recieve 3 hearts.

These hearts you can start a campain to buy ads for your idol which will be displayed on the first page of the idol champ app

You can also collect stars by watching a video per day or do other actions.

You can use the stars  you collect to donate them to project which will be done in your idols name.

For example they donate to animal protection organisations 

There are at least two which include Got7. One for JJP , one for Got7. You need to scroll though the list and look around.

a. On the main page you can see this :

b. Lets set up our own idol first of all . To do that you need to go to         your profile settings

c. Click here

d. Then here

e. In here we first change our profile picture and give ourself a               Nickname

Picture and Nickname :

Click on the empty picture space , this will open

Its your choice where you want to look for the picture. Choose the circled option and it will check in your photos on your device

When you set your image , click on the text line and add your Nickname . It will give you a error messege if you cant use it . Your name can NOT have spaces in

f. Back to your personal profile settings . Picking our idol now.

This page will open , click on the plus and a new page opens again. Search for your idol and just click on it . It will highlight. You can pick more than one here.

The once you picked will show on your site now , click the heart of your main idol . you can only have one. The heart will change into a filled heart instead of one with only outlines

We are all done now .

g. If you go back into the app now , you will notice the changes 

It now shows your name , picture and how many hearts and stars you have. Click the where it says 1. and you get to below page , click the + where it says 2. and you can buy hearts , 

Where it says 3. you have :

blue smily - for your community

green leaf - for the projects where you spent your stars on

red tick - for the add campains for your stars

This is where you go when you click the words next to 1. :

Top left : your Idol

Top right : your nickname

Green underlayed text , again brings you to your idols page

Middle rigth shows your heart and star count

h. At the bottom of the page you have option to earn stars and check how many you allready earned and spent :

( this looks a little different on iOS , not everything is possible             there yet)

  1. Here you can earn Stars
  • First one , offerwall ( does not work for me , 
  • Second one , Korean offers to earn , hard to understand for us.
  • THIRD one , and i guess best and easiest for us. offers from Tapjoy ( you find an extra Tapjoy tutorial here ) . 
  • Fouth one is the daily video add link where it says 3 stars in the long line
    2. If you go in here you can donate your stars to projects which will         be done in your idols name

Click on the big box and you get to the donation page. It also tells you what the donation is for , sadly only in hangul.
    3. Here is where you can start champains for ads for your idol               which will be displayed on the first page of the idol champ app.             When you go in here for the first time a page will open which               explains you how it all works  and that you will loose your hearts           you spend if the target is not reached. Tick the box at the                   bottom of the page and a new page will open

Here you can choose if you want to create your own ad fundraiser or join one it also gives you things which are worse being celebrated .

Lets look into creating :

You can selecte the area where your ad will be displayed. It will cost you 50 hearts to start a fundraiser , which you will not get back if the goal is not met.

The other option is to join a fundraiser which is allready going 

They are filterd by the placement the ad will have ( big box at the top)  , You can also have all shown or just the once for your idol

    4. Here you can check the amount of stars and hearts you earned            and spended .

  1. Star earning
  2. Star spending
  3. Heart earning
  4. Heart spending

sry its a little long , but its all new and still working progress .
I translate screenshots using an app , so they are not a 100% but should be close to what it is 

Thank you to mez for providing the images !!