Got7 Help page

It looks like it is not possible anymore for not koreans to make account here , because you now need a korean phone number to register.

BUT when you have an account those still work

Melon streams count towards : MBC Music Show! Champion , Mnet M!Countdown and KBS Music Bank

So you are still able to try to get free passes , buy passes and help stream with those

1. Go to the website

2. Log In


3. Click on here , top right of the screen

4. Scoll down till you find the offer you want . in the moment we are         looking for this one

5. It does not seem to matter what you pick , so choose one image , click on the  big button , choose again , click again and than click on the bottle ,  or the button under it

6. if your lucky enough that you win you will be given a code . Sadly           they made it very very hard to win in the moment

7. If you won a code , copy it ( i always do this with highlighting the         code , than Ctrl+C on your keyboard

8. Go back to the main page . Easiest way to do it , just click on the          Melon Logo at the top

9. Click here . I know there are diffrent ways to get there , but i find    this easiest

10. Click on the green button

11. Enter the code , click green again 

Your code is enterd now but not active yet

12. To do that , you can click here on the home screen

13. Then all whats left to do is activate here and your ready to start        streaming

14. This is where you can log back out