Got7 Help page

IOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

There are several ways to download Korean apps on IOS (this is mainly

because some apps are only available in the Korean App Store):

  •  First, download the Puffin Browser from the App Store (link here ).

èyou can open any Korean apps which has official website from this browser (such as Soribada, Melon, Genie, Naver, etc.);

èyou might also want to change your VPN location to South Korea, but this not always required;

  • Second, change your App Store Country/Region to South Korea (but it might cancel all your subscriptions related to your registered credit card (T_T))
  •   Third, make a new Korean Apple ID (Korean account).


How to change Country or make a new Apple ID in your App Store:

*before you start, if you can, change your system settings to English, that will make a lot of things easier*

1.  Go to your App Store

2. Click on your Apple ID

3. This is where our path split, if you only want to change country keep reading, if you want to make a new Korean Apple ID go to Step 9

4. Click : View Apple ID

5. Click on Country / Region 

6. Click Change Country/Region

7. Find South Korea written in Hangul in the list

It could also say South Korea, you might have to search for it

8. Tap Agree

This is where we quickly change to making a new Korean account, if you don’t need that, please jump to Step 14 where the path merge again.

9When you want to make a new Korean account. go to Sign Out

10. than back to sign in

11. Choose Create New Apple ID

12. Change your Country to South Korea and Agree to the Terms and Conditions

13. Next one you need to fill out your personal information

both ways now need to fill out this one 

14Then fill out your credit card information

New account gets a confirmation email with a link and you are done.

 For country changers, you are done here as well.

1.     Now you can go to the App Store and download the Korean apps you need:

-       Melon

-       Soribada

-       Naver

-       Genie

-       etc.

images belong to ©love.jinyoung ty for providing these