Got7 Help page

On this page you will be able to find general hints and tips , from things we learned during last comebacks.

  • Make yourself a list with all your emails , accounts and passwords. It can get really hard to remember all of them after a while.
  • Instead of making temp emails , use gmail . You can make an endless amount of account without having to register your phone number , just don't make too many in one day
  • Make multiple Facebook accounts . FB can be used to log in for many of the apps
  • Use old phones or tablets if you have any. That way you can have more accounts or put all the extra apps there if you don't have enough storage. No sim card required , you only have to connect to the internet ( use Wifi )
  •           If you can’t find the apps:

    In Google Play Store: try APK pure, and search the apps there.

    In Apple Store: put ____(the app name)__ iOS APP into your search engine (Google, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc.), most of the time it will give you a link to the download, which, if clicked, will lead you straight to the right app in the Apple Store

  • Populartiy:  to increase poplularity - search for Got7 on all Kpop related sites, like positive posts about Got7 and comment to posts , like their videos , like Got7 songs and albums in various streaming sites, follow Got7 official page in all streaming sites - - This all counts towards there pupularity . Some of the sites        are : Mmelon , Naver , Genie