Got7 Help page

Streaming on this side is important because it counts for some of the award shows.

I dont think we are able to buy streaming passes for this side , but some are included into albums and there are a lot of twitter groups which will post streaming codes for comebacks

These codes can only be used on computers or using the puffin browser on mobile devices

There is not much to know for this side

You can log in using Facebook , Twitter or KakaoTalk

I redone it using FB . 

After you clicked the one you want , a pop up window will show asking for your apps permission to connect to genie , you need to agree to it

Then you come to this page .

Tick the top box and all other boxes will get ticked . than next

1. Name or nickname . Click the little box at the end to check if the name is available . Red for no , Green for yes . If I remember right , only small letters and numbers are allowed

2. Email adress ( in my case the one the FB account runs under )

Then next 

Thats all

Go back to the main page and click on the right log in icon again ( FB for me ) and your done

You will recieve an email that you made an account , it includes a link , but i dont think you need to use it

How to input your code for streaming pass 

If you found a streaming pass for genie in one of the CDs you bought you can either use them yourself or pass them on to one of the twitter groups who are willing to use them up . Please dont let them go to waste 

So if you have one , check the date , its in korean but i am sure you can guess it

Then go to your genie website and click here

It will bring you to the input side

It seems like genie codes are active as soon as they have been redeemed , but i will check on that and let you know

Genie streaming on mobile devices :

If you would like to help stream for genie on your mobile device you need to download the puffin browser app for this .

- log into your account on that browser 

- open the link in puffin browser or open twitter in there to use the link straight from there , otherwise you might get an error messege

Groups which offer streaming codes , computer streaming only :