Got7 Help page

Soribada Voting app 


2017 1st Soribada Best K. Music Awards

This is an app used for voting and streaming , 

1. First download the app from here  this is for android , ios devices nned to change country first in there shop , please check the tutorial on how to do it ( here ,)

2. After you downloaded the app , you can log in either with Facebook , KakaoTalk or make a new account using an email adress. make sure this isn't a temp email adress

Using FB or KT you can go straight to voting , if you use for example a gmail adress this window will open up

3. Fill it in with your details

    Further down you find 

You need to tick the boxes and click on the join button

4. This will pop up

5. So go to your email and check if it has arrived , check spam as well they liked to go into there

If you recieved the email click the provided link . it will open a webpage but you can ignore that . reopen the app

6. On the main page click the advert link

7. Go to 

8. That will look like this :


9. Click the blue botton in the green square

10. Scroll down till you find got7

11. Push the grey button

11. This will pop up

12. Push ok

13. Push blue

14. Grey again

15. To check you can redo the last steps , if you get this you voted

16. Now go back and do it all again for the other poll , please

If during voting this pops up , it means that the account isnt varifid . please click the grey button and the email will be resend , the next window which pops up can be ignored or you click the button which opens your email

Streaming Passes : You can not buy streaming passes with a foreign Credit Card , you can however if you used iOS and a Korean Account purchase one when you have a credit card registerd to your itnues store

Free pass code entry : this is for Android users only . you can add the free pass code here : 

You can stream the song every ten minutes for it to count

images belong to ©love.jinyoung ty for providing these