Got7 Help page

Quick guide , some hint and tips

A lot of you might have heard from this app . You donate hearts and are able to leave wishes for your idol which might be granted . You can spend money on it or some time to to collect free hearts 

The other thing you can do is spend your hearts on birthday presents for your idol

Here a few things in learned so far 

  • Make sure that you log in daily for your log in bonus 
  • In the moment you get a lucky draw mail every hour . This might changeback to three times a day again at some point . Look form these mails   
You can download the app straight from the App store  look for this symbol    

after installing it and you open it you will come to the log/sign up in page  
easiest way to log in is using : google , facebook . Line or KakaoTalk

 After you are logged in you get a lot of pop ups of what is new , which new groups are being called and so on , jumping over that part , first go to your page , there you can find the list of idols / groups which are getting called , your mailbox , missions and account settings

  • Check the missions , some are very easy to do , some will be done automatically when you log in daily
  • go to Star add to look which idol or group is being called right now , click on them to add them to your list
  • in settings you find everything account related
  • in your mailbox , you find your daily bonuses , your earned hearts from watching videos and opening lucky draws and your lucky draw

This is how the opening page looks for me , on the top you see if there is something in the mailbox , your heart and kiss count
 next line  it says stars , MY and WISH
under MY you find all those idols you added to have your wish granted and under WISH are the birthday wishes , it doesnt look like you can add them to any list so you have to scroll though that each time you want to donate

to earn hearts you can :
  • Watch the video ads , i had days where i watched more than a hundred, other days it can only watch a few before i got a fault message that there aren't any more. If you do get the message that videos are loading just try again later
  •  get your daily log in bonus
  • complite missions
  • pick up the hourly lucky draw

Lucky draw page 

you get to this if you click on the kiss count 

  • Lucky draw , you can win hearts and kisses . A kiss is worse 60 hearts if given as a kiss , but you can also exchange it to hearts . Which is what i would do . Because for one if you give hearts you can get lucky hits , so extra hearts , also when the call is in the burning stage a hearts counts double , a kiss stays at 60 hearts
  • You can give away heart by heart , which takes forever , because the program is slow in reacting . Maybe one every two seconds , you get an animation if it counts . You can also give ten hearts when you push down for a while , BUT you cant get lucky hits when you donate that way. So up to you which way you want to do it

TIP : Empty your mailbox regulary , So far I lost most of my messeges twice , only the attandance mails stayed

 I also think its important to see when the call might fail , so you dont waste your hearts , because after you donated your hearts they are gone . 

Hope it helped you a little  , check it out . They call lots of idols , so everyone who likes kpop should be able to find someone  they like at some point.