Got7 Help page

Welcome Ahgase ~~ 🐣 

This page is dedicated to help every Ahgase who is interested in voting and streaming in order to support GOT7. 

Here you will be able to find complete tutorials of application download (Idol Champ, Soribada, etc.), vote, and tips for streaming (Youtube, Melon, Genie, etc.). 

Feel free to drop any questions, we'll try to respond asap. GOT7 + IGOT7 = FAMILY

**** Updates ******

- Added Puffin info to Genie guide

- Added info for Free pass add in on the Soribada guide 

- I did not add a full tutorial for AsiaArtistAward  It works like all the other voting apps , please refer to either Golden Disk or Baeksang and also check the tips for Tapjoy

**** Important Voting *** 

Mwave for MCountdown 

Idol Champ 3 Votes 


Please do not use our tutorials or link our tutorials to other fandoms.

Thank you